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With the ORION I wanted to make a truly state-of-the-art loudspeaker system available to audio lovers all over the world and at minimum cost. Thus I offer a full range of options, from building the speakers completely yourself, or buying just a few pre-fabricated items, to having the speakers completely custom built by us.  You choose how much of your time or lack of skills you want to trade for paying someone else. Either way you obtain maximum value. 

You will not find the ORION in "High-End Audio" stores or at Home Entertainment Shows. You will rarely find a review of the ORION in an audio magazine since I do not have extra systems for loan. All this would add considerably to the cost of your speakers. Promotion of the ORION is strictly by word-of-mouth and mostly over the Internet. I appreciate it when satisfied and happy customers talk about their experience to others or let them listen to their ORION.

Please join the growing group of ORION owners who are spreading the word!


Here are ORION and THOR logo that you may want to attach to your speakers or crossover. Just download the orion-logo2.gif and thor-logo1.gif files and print them out.






While they are not shown at CES, nor set up in dealer
demo rooms, find out about this unique open-baffle
loudspeaker system - designed for accuracy in normal
living rooms.

Build your last loudspeaker yourself,
or let us build it for you.

w w w . l i n k w i t z l a b . c o m

Business card that was used at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, January 2006.






After you have built your speaker system you may want to attach its name and origin to it for your visitors to see. You can download the ORION label file and print it out on premium photo paper. Glue a 2" wide label to the front panel of your crossover/equalizer and a 4" wide label on top of the speaker's rear woofer baffle.



Following are the text and photos of a brochure that I have handed out at CES, at Hi-Fi shows, and to friends and acquaintances.



Build your last loudspeaker yourself,
or. Let us build it for you !

This loudspeaker system evolved from many different design approaches that I pursued over the last 30 years in my search for accurate sound reproduction in a normal living room. The speaker uses selected moving coil drivers in a unique open baffle cabinet and thus combines the dynamics of box speakers with the openness of electrostatics. With dipole radiation down to the lowest frequencies ORION reveals detailed and realistic bass sound that cannot be matched by the common box speaker, which excites many more room resonance modes and tends to drone on.

On a good recording the speakers simply disappears. What remains is a wide, tall and deep sound stage with realistic localization of instruments and voices. Their song, impact and delicacy draw you in as never before and the speakers turn into pieces of interesting room decor.

I want to make the wonderful sound of the ORION accessible to a wide range of music lovers. You can purchase the complete system at the lowest possible cost, ready to be plugged in. Or you can build the cabinets, mount the drivers, solder electronic crossover components, assemble cables, and save by investing your time and skills.


ORION Loudspeaker
for rooms >180 ft2 (>17 m2)
RT60 of 400 ms to 700 ms

Complete system consisting of
two open baffle speakers with
1" Tweeter, >1400 Hz
8" Midrange, 120 Hz - 1400 Hz
2 x 10" Woofers, 20 Hz - 120 Hz
Size 46"H x 13"W x 16"D, Weight 60 lb
One active, line level Crossover/Equalizer
One Power Amplifier, 8 x 60 W
2 speaker cables and 8 interconnects

$6500 plus shipping
Built to order after September 2003

Cost of building it yourself
ORION Construction Plans+  $300
(documentation, 3 blank printed circuit boards,
and test signal CD)
Cabinets, drivers, electronics, cables, etc. $1800
8 Power amplifiers $1700

$3800 + 60 hours of your labor

For additional information go to




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What you hear is not the air pressure variation in itself 
but what has drawn your attention
in the streams of superimposed air pressure variations 
at your eardrums

An acoustic event has dimensions of Time, Tone, Loudness and Space
Have they been recorded and rendered sensibly?

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